MSFEC – Multiscale Finite Element Complex

MSFEC – Multiscale Finite Element Complex – is a C++ software based on the deal.ii library that constructs stable Multiscale finite element pairings throughout a full de Rham complex in L2 with rough weighting. That means one can construct multiscale element versions for standard Q1-elements, Nedelec-elements, Raviart-Thomas elements and discontinuos elements. The benefit of this work is that it unifies the construction of stable multiscale FEMs in a single framework.

The code is parallelized and can be run on large clusters. A documented recent version can be found on my github page.

Potential applications comprise (but are not limited to) fluid flow problems (e.g., porous media or Stokes flow), Maxwell equations, magneto-hydrodynamics and elasticity problems.