About me

I am an applied mathematician working in the field of scientific computing. My current main objective is the simulation and design of numerical models and software for application processes that involve a wide range of relevant scales. Problems I am aiming to solve mostly come from geosciences but also comprise applications in computer science, engineering, physics or other fields of science. This involves in particular experience with models based on differential equations and numerical methods such as finite elements (FEM) as well as data driven algorithms, optimization and their large scale implementation using mostly C++ and other tools from software development. On this path I am involved in training and supervision of BSc/MSc/PhD students and scientific outreach activities.

It is my goal to bring scientific innovations further into real world applications. Recently, I also got interested in the application of neural nets to improve simulations and in agile project management which I see as a huge step into the right direction to trigger authentic creative potential in teams.

I am part of the group doing research on Numerical Methods in Geosciences.

Interested in a MSc thesis? You should bring:

      • Passion for applied math and applications (mandatory
      • knowledge in C/C++ (will make your life easier)
      • topics revolve around FEM, PDEs (fluid flow and mechanics), applications of principles in differential geometry, high-performance simulation, inverse problems (e.g., in computer vision/graphics), multiscale problems
    • Heena Patel (PhD, joint with J. Behrens, since 2019), Topic: “High-Performance Simulation and Multiscale Feedback of Urban Canopies on Large Scales
    • Jonas Kwame Nyador (MSc since 2021), Topic: “Incompressible Stokes Flow in Rough High-Contrast Media
    • Jonathan Fenske (MSc since 2021), Topic: “Simulation of Linearized Elastic Materials with Rough Micro-Struture
    • Sandeep Gyawali (MSc, joint with T. Preusser, Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine, since 2021), “Extending Composite Finite Element Methods for PDE problems with uncertain material interfaces
Short CV
    • (System Design Engineer, since 2021) Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH: Design of algorithms for recognition processes on LIDAR data (R&D)
    • (Researcher, since 2016) University of Hamburg, Germany: Large scale applications and design of numerical multiscale methods in climate and canopy layer simulations
    • (PhD, 06/2010 – 12/2015) The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel: Development of linear and nonlinear 2D/3D shape alignment methods with FEM based elasticity methods
    • (Dipl.-Math., 10/2009) University of Leipzig, Germany: Well-posedness of integro-differential equations appearing in aeronautics